third & 3rd

third & 3rd

Whole Foods Market with Brooklyn roots. Opening in late fall at the corner of Third & 3rd in Gowanus. Visit the store website, and follow us on Facebook for all the latest store events and news.



Freshly baked bread for a weeks worth of tasty sandwiches. Get your fix-ins at #thirdand3rd. ##xs

Visiting our neighbors @birdsblack for some black bottom oat pie during a sunny afternoon break. Pie is for any time of day right? #thirdand3rd ##xs #brooklyn

Spring weather is finally here! We’re celebrating with a colorful salad for lunch with eggs from the farmers market. #thirdand3rd ##xs


PIckled Vegetables | Happy Yolks

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bunny secrets


bunny secrets


How to Make Your Own Home-Brewed Bio-Diesel in DARK RYE’s Revival Issue

A project from Make Magazine

CAUTION: We’ve never tried this & neither should you. You might die, in which case, you may need Michael Yates to build you a rad coffin…


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Who doesn’t like a large gathering at meal time?

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Brighten your Day with #tulips! LOCAL 10 stem Tulip Bunches at #thirdand3rd now (at Whole Foods Market)

We had such a great time at our annual #parmcrack - a first for our store! - with amazing guests such as Chef Massimo Bottura @osteriafrancescana, @frankfalcinelli, @frankcastronovo, and our very own Global Cheese Buyer Cathy Strange! (at Whole Foods Market)

Gold and Red #Beets. The perfect blend of earthy and sweet. Great to add to a salad or simply serve on its own. #thirdand3rd (at Whole Foods Market)

Mmmmmmm…. Umami.


Om nom umami.

Read more: Understanding Umami on Food52.

Who doesn’t love it?

Who doesn’t love it?

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Walking By

Gowanus, Brooklyn

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